There are many possible scenarios, you may be only just starting your project, or be very near completion, or somewhere in the middle.

If you would like to email or phone me to discuss the project I am available for an initial consultation which is free of charge. If you would like to employ my services for submission of your DIY reclaim I will need the following information –

–  All invoices and credit notes. These should be in the name of the claimant. If not we need to discuss the additional evidence that may be required. Please only send original invoices, no photocopies.

–  The completed sections of the claim form (which I will send to you in due course).

–  A copy of the planning permission and any amendments made to the original permission.

–  A full set of the plans for the project.

–  If the claim qualifies as a conversion because the residential property has been unoccupied for over 10 years written evidence of this is required.

– Evidence of completion of the project

I will process the invoices and paperwork you send to me. I will check the eligibility of your project and review and analyse your invoices. If I have any queries about the invoices/credit notes you have sent to me I will phone or email you to discuss. We will then establish a course of action to correct the paperwork submitted and obtain the VAT invoices.

If you decide to employ my services in the early stages of your project I will be available to help and advise you with any queries you may have.  The knowledge and experience I have regarding eligible costs will help you make the most of your claim.  I will provide details of items ‘ordinarily’ incorporated in a building that you can reclaim VAT on.

Another advantage of employing my services early on in your project is that you can send batches of invoices and credit notes periodically so they can be reviewed.  This will ensure they comply with the strict requirements of HMRC.  Any queries can be rectified as early as possible to minimise delayed submission. Only one claim is allowed, this is submitted when the project is completed.

This should also mean that the majority of the paperwork has been completed in preparation for submission, and your claim can be processed within a few days of receipt of your completion certificate.

Once the project is completed and I have the above information your claim can be processed and submitted within 10 days.