We got Jayne on board early on which was totally invaluable.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jayne. She coordinated and executed our VAT return with such efficiency and without a single hitch. Our claim was processed very quickly by the Revenue without a single query. I believe this was down to Jayne and the quality and accuracy of our submission.

Jayne would always acknowledge safe receipt of invoices on arrival and would process them immediately where possible. At any point in the build, Jayne was able to advise what the running VAT figure stood at which is always good to know. Jayne has much expert advice and knows when to challenge an invoice to ensure it complies to what HMRC will allow.

Jayne provides a very pro active, helpful and practical advisory service. She is very responsive to emails and is very easy to contact by phone. Jayne has a very ‘can do’ approach, is always cheerful and keen to offer solutions and ways around things. We had some very stressful times on our build but I always knew that if I had any problems with VAT related issues with invoices, suppliers etc. Jayne would always calmly talk me through things and was prepared to talk to suppliers direct if necessary. Some suppliers/installers are unfamiliar themselves with new builds and zero rating, so need educating too. The fact that Jayne has built her own home also makes her advice all the more ‘real’ as she is able to share her own experience and suggestions.

Mrs J from Buckinghamshire received a refund of £16k


Thank you so much to Jayne for your fantastic support and patience. I burdened her with so many questions and queries at times but she always responded with such kindness and calmness. What an excellent service she provides, such professionalism and efficiency with a real human touch at a time when stress levels are high. I would recommend Jayne Daniel wholeheartedly.
I came in to contact with many different people through our build project, Jayne offered the greatest support, far beyond what her job title required, what a lovely lady!!

Mrs W from Norfolk received a refund of £15k


Now that we have received the full refund from the HMRC, I am writing to thank you Jayne for your time, support and advice in terms of my recent VAT reclaim relating to the build of our new family home.   I am really pleased that I made the decision to commission your services as the thought of navigating through this task, following a year of building our new home was very daunting.  Your input and expertise allowed me to reclaim the funds that were allowable by the HMRC and overcome the obstacles in terms of process, paperwork and policy.   I have already and will continue to recommend your services to my family, friends and business contacts and wish you well with the invaluable service that you provide to people building their own homes.

Mr T from Kent received a refund of £73k


Jayne’s patience, dedication and cheerful support in the arduous task of tracking, checking and chasing up my 2 year of receipts was faultless. Highly recommended.

I was impressed by Jayne’s attention to detail, unrelenting wish to maximise the return and good humour.

Jayne is a safe pair of hands to help guide a self builder through the process of doing a return, which for many may be the one and only time they do it.

Mr C from Surrey received a refund of £80k


We can confirm that Jayne Daniel provided us with a first class service. As first time developers we had no idea of what was involved, or how to complete a VAT claim for our project.

A friend who had previously used Jayne’s services recommended that we also use her service.

We found Jayne to be a wealth of knowledge and we would often call or e-mail her with different questions, which she would always promptly answer. She gave us regular updates of our situation and any further items / paperwork she needed to progress our claim. Jayne took care of all of the paperwork from start to finish, and made the whole thing seem easy and straight forward.

We have already recommended Jayne to several friends who have used her services, and would gladly recommend her to anyone else.

Mr & Mrs G from Staffordshire received £32k


Jayne Daniel provided us with an excellent service that in all honesty could not have been bettered and was totally consistent over an eighteen month period.

Communication is all and Jayne never faltered in promptly replying to all of our questions. Dealing with HMRC in our opinion is very much best left to a professional as it lends credence that we feel would not have been given to a lay person. Every submission made on our behalf was checked as to their correctness and the sum total was that our claim was settled without any query whatsoever – an achievement in itself in dealing with HMRC!

We have no hesitation in recommending Jayne Daniel and her Company – to be able to trust a person or organisation in actually doing what they say they will gives one complete confidence and trust.

Thoroughly recommended without hesitation.

Mr H and Mrs B from Norfolk received a refund of £14k


I find it hard to put into words and write only a few lines to say how REALLY grateful my husband and I are to Jayne Daniel Business Services Ltd.
Jayne was recommend to us by a friend who had employed her to claim the VAT back for them on their own home and they felt sure that after all the professional help they had received with their claim that we should contact her with our rather strange situation.
Always and in every way Jayne was professional, helpful and full of knowledge and never once gave up with the many problems that occurred on the journey
– as in our architects own words ‘she knows her stuff’ yes Jayne had to deal with our architect and planning office as problems appeared with our original planning permission and original plans and drawings.
Jayne worked way beyond her call of duty and really is the best person to help everyone in any situation to claim back their VAT. Although l wouldn’t wish another project like ours on her again!
We really our very grateful.

Mr and Mrs W received a refund of £7k


We met Jayne at the Home Building and Renovating Show. We were starting a conversion

to a property and needed advice regarding the VAT.  Her help and knowledge at all times was

excellent and she was always available to answer our queries.

We would have no hesitation in recommending J M Daniel Business Services to anyone

contemplating a conversion  or self-build.

Mr and Mrs P from Cambridgeshire received £7k


Jayne provided valuable advice at the start so we knew what to do to ensure we kept the right records and obtained the correct VAT treatment on invoices. She helped with some ad hoc advice along the way and then provided guidance as to how we should submit invoices to her for the claim. She reviewed all these, asked for some supplementary information and then submitted the claim on our behalf. All this was very efficient.

The claim, which comprised a large number of invoices totalling a very significant amount, was approved by HMRC. We would certainly recommend Jayne.”

Mr A from Wadhurst received £77k


Jayne Daniel provided us with great care and attention to detail, in helping us with reclaiming our D I Y, V A T  back on our new build.  Her service was invaluable.

Mr C from Staffordshire received £17k


After taking two years to build our home and with all the stress that inevitably came with that; we decided that whilst we could administrate the VAT reclaim for our new build, we wanted to do so with confidence. We felt that we needed someone with expertise in this field to hold our hand with preparing all the information.  Jayne Daniel absolutely did this for us. She was able to explain in very simple terms how we needed to package our information and when some queries came back from HMRC she was able to advise us on how best to deal with it. She had a great understanding of how it all worked and the time parameters of such a claim which meant we were able to claim back 95% of what we had hoped to receive. We would highly recommend Jaynes services.

Mr and Mrs S From Sussex received £35k


I worked with Jayne to reclaim the VAT on my church conversion project.  Without her support I just wouldn’t have been able to make the reclaim, self-building takes up a lot of headspace and the lesson I learned was to value your own time and bring in the experts when appropriate.  We were able to overcome quite a few obstacles and maximise the claim which provided me with a valuable budget for furnishing.  I would recommend Jayne to any self builder where there’s an opportunity for a reclaim.

Mr J from Gloucestershire received £12k


 Jayne Daniel provided great guidance and information from an early point within our project, I had made some mistakes thinking I could Claim VAT back from certain trades but luckily Jayne was able to pick these up early enough so I could go back to the trades and resolve directly with them. If I’d left this until the end of the project it would have been impossible to rectify.

Jayne knows and understands her business and it was great getting the correct advice throughout the project.

I would certainly recommend Jayne and use her again myself if I choose to build another self-build.

Mr B from Herefordshire received £90k


Fabulous, professional service.

J M Daniel Business Services Limited provided us with a wonderful, friendly but professional service.

Jayne Daniel was extremely professional at all times, but explained things in an easy manner.  She responded to questions efficiently.  Jayne’s knowledge regarding the HMRC VAT DIY reclamation scheme was incredible and she was always very business-like.  We would have no hesitation in recommending J M Daniel Business Services Ltd to anyone.

Without Jayne’s knowledge and experience, we would not have been able to reclaim one penny!

Mr & Mrs H from Yorkshire received a refund of £21k


It was a great and carefree experience using Jayne

Jayne helped us save money, had good communication and things went very smoothly in receiving our refund.

Would 100 percent recommend Jayne

Mrs H from East Sussex received a refund of £35K


I recently completed a substantial own-home self build project lasting 18 months and I used Jayne Daniel to prepare the necessary claim to HMRC to recover the VAT paid by me on those material items that are properly allowable. The subject is complicated, and I am very pleased to confirm that Jayne handled the VAT reclaim in a very efficient and knowledgeable manner. I received my VAT refund with minimum delay, and I would not hesitate to use her services again.

Mr W from West Sussex received a refund of £41k


Hi Jayne, Just a quick note to say thanks for doing such a fantastic job of guiding us through the VAT process, and getting us thousands of pounds back that was owed to us, that we’d never have been able to do ourselves.
Mr & Mrs K from Kent received a refund of £7k


I recently completed my barn conversion but as I was doing most of the build myself the number of invoices soon ran into the hundreds and I realised that I didn’t want to struggle with the VAT paperwork and Jayne provided the perfect solution.

Jayne was happy to talk me through what VAT could be reclaimed and what couldn’t. The rules are not straight forward as I was building a detached garage /workshop /study and only part of the building was claimable.

Jayne was always cheerful and professional and not only processed the paperwork efficiently she also gave me valuable advice which I am sure repaid her very reasonable fee in full. My daughter, who is also doing a self build project, is using Jayne`s services on my recommendation.

Jayne not only presented the claim to HMRC but she also presented further information on an invoice that had been rejected and successfully reclaimed the VAT.

Mr M from Devon received a refund of £14k


Jayne provided us with an excellent, professional no fuss service.
I contacted Jayne with several questions initially regarding VAT refunds. I always found the communication from Jayne prompt and hassle free, money well spent! I would recommend Jayne to anyone involved in a self build project to help them work through the minefield of VAT refunds. Jayne has been one of the best suppliers I’ve dealt with during the 5 year renovation, of which there has been many!

Mr P from Co Durham received a refund of £5k


A very efficient, timely and successful experience by using Jayne to achieve this.

I first contacted Jayne, having seen a brief article she had written for Homebuilding & Renovation magazine. She was very straightforward, and helpful, in outlining the key issues, timing, and pitfalls re VAT reclaim, and how her business operates.

At the appropriate time, we packaged up all relevant invoices etc, and posted to Jayne.

Her response was immediate, sifting through our paperwork, and resulting in preparation of a

submission for HMRC within a few days.

She also advised on items that were not relevant, and identified instances where a service provider had wrongly charged VAT on labour for installation work – chasing these up for a rebate where relevant.

Her knowledge of HMRC practice and procedures undoubtedly helped ensure a rapid turnaround

through HMRC, and subsequent receipt of the rebate.

I found Jayne very easy to deal with. She always provided rapid response to any queries (mostly

by email), and achieved a successful result at a reasonable fee cost.

Good value for money, and we would certainly use her again, on a similar project.

Mr B from Hampshire received a refund of £12k in January 2017


JM Daniel Business Services Ltd provided us with an excellent service to reclaim VAT at the end of our self build.

After contacting Jayne Daniel through an advertisement in Self Builder magazine, at an early stage in our build, we agreed terms and paid a small engagement fee. From there on we just kept all our original invoices and sent them to Jayne.

She was attentive at all times, had expert knowledge of the VAT system, and explained everything in plain English. She not only processed our post build, one off re-claim to HMRC, but also successfully tackled companies that had charged us VAT, where we should, as a new build, have been zero rated, resulting in direct re-imbursements.

I would highly recommend Jayne Daniel and her services.

Mr and Mrs J from West Sussex received a refund of £24k


We cannot praise Jayne enough for the support and guidance she has given us on our new build journey.   She was always on hand to discuss my queries or concerns on the phone or via email, and every few months I would send her a pack of invoices which she reviewed and helped me chase through any issues to resolution.
She is very knowledgeable on the subject, not only due to the fact she has now processed many many successful claims but was a self builder herself.  I obviously don’t have anyone to compare her to, but would highly recommend her based on my experience.

Mrs O from Surrey received a refund of £42k


Jayne provided me with all the help and advice that I needed during construction of my barn conversion which resulted in a trouble free claim to HMRC and a very satisfactory VAT refund!

I approached Jayne once I saw the magnitude of the work involved in submitting a VAT refund claim to HMRC.

Her help and advice from the outset was an undoubted benefit as it highlighted areas that I could not claim and in others, prevented incorrect VAT rate being charged by the suppliers.

Her charges are extremely reasonable and, in my view, very well worth the time involved.  I didn’t have the knowledge, nor the patience to deal with the VAT regulations and certainly would have not been as accurate.  This would probably have resulted in long correspondence with HMRC after submission of my claim.  Instead, I received my VAT refund within a month of submitting the claim.

Well worth every £ of Jayne’s fee.

Mr G from Monmouthshire received a refund of £36k in


We recently employed the services of Jayne Daniel, of J M Daniel Business Services Limited, to help us with the preparation of our VAT refund claim for our building project.

The whole experience was made easy and straight forward.

Jayne Daniel provided us with a great service – friendly, helpful and efficient, managing to secure us a successful outcome.

Mr A from Oxfordshire received a refund of £8k


By far the best money I spent during my first self-build was to J M Daniel Business Services Limited for the reclamation of VAT. Jayne was always available to offer first class advice and to answer any queries I had. Having total confidence in Jayne allowed me to concentrate on the build and the first thing I will be doing on my next self-build will be to acquire her services again.

Thank you Jayne!!!!!!

Jayne was always available. Whenever I called (which was frequently!) Jayne was either instantly available or called me back within an hour. Her knowledge was second to none. All questions were answered instantly. I was working long hours and project managing the self-build myself so the swift answers of all my questions allowed me to cater the ordering of materials and ultimately the reclaiming of VAT. Time is money when self-building and Jayne’s professionalism and knowledge really did save me money. All invoices were processed within a day or two, with Jayne keeping me informed with a running total of my VAT claim.

Claiming VAT back on a self-build is a mine field for the novice. You can claim VAT back for ‘this but not for that’ and this could lead to costly mistake or there’s a good chance if you don’t fill the forms in perfectly the HMRC will reject the claim. I really enjoyed my self-build and the rewards are amazing. The pressure relieved by J M Daniel Business Services Limited was indescribable and the only thing that surprised me was the cost, I would happily pay double for the amazing service provided.

Mr T from Yorkshire received a refund of £7k


Excellent advice and service received from Jayne, who was professional and prompt throughout.
Her prompt replies and communication, accurate and correct advice, made the process easy and straightforward.

Jayne was very friendly and helpful, especially before I’d actually employed her to carry out my VAT refund claim. I made enquiries to her before my self-build project started due to dubious advice from my quantity surveyor and architect regarding claiming back VAT. She offered advice instantly without strings attached, which helped with my decision to use her services over a year later for my VAT refund claim. Once employed, she made the process simple and straightforward and it all progressed without problem.

Dr B from Cornwall received a refund of £19k.


Jayne provided us with excellent assistance on compiling our VAT Return for our self-build property.

Jayne was a complete life-saver. She understood the time constraints and pressures we had when building our house and was completely empathetic to our needs. She communicated with us on a regular basis and gave us complete comfort on organising everything, from the receipts and invoices, to filling out the HMRC form. She was a complete blessing to us!

Jayne understood our pressures in organising our self-build as well as trying to keep on top of financials and invoicing. She confidently took this task away from us and gave us the confidence that everything would be dealt with swiftly and securely. She took a massive weight of our shoulders and we had every faith in her abilities and experience to deal with the VAT return. I have no doubts at all in recommending Jayne, as she was absolutely brilliant.

Hire Jayne! She really is just lovely!

Mrs S from Middlesex received a refund of £43k


For anyone who has completed their own DIY Vat reclaim, it can be complex and stressful.
Jayne ​provided me with ​an excellent service and it was stress free.
Jayne explains things clearly and she’s incredibly knowledgeable.
I would definitely recommend her.

Mr G from Lancashire received a refund of £13k


The services Jayne offers is informative and cost saving. She provided me with an excellent service during a time when my stress levels were at their highest in a long while – she really took the stress out of my finances and saved me a lot of money along the way.

Jayne was always available to discuss what was needed.

VAT is tricky but Jayne knew everything I could claim for and took the stress out of the process.

Jayne spoke to my kitchen company to inform them of what VAT I should be paying and saved me a considerable amount in the meantime.

I think using a VAT specialist is essential doing any self build as there is so much to think about in terms of the actual build that the finance side of things really can spiral if you don’t keep a close eye on it – my eyes were fixed with building and materials and Jayne really helped with collecting my VAT refund and ensuring that people were charging me the correct amount throughout the build.

Mr H from Yorkshire received a refund of £4k


My experience dealing with Jayne was entirely positive.

Jayne provided me with an excellent service and her detailed knowledge of the VAT reclaim system meant that I was able to recover more money than I expected. I found her very attentive and quick to provide valuable advice where necessary.

I am grateful to Jayne who relieved me of a burden I was ill-equipped to deal with and at a time I needed to give managing my build 100% of my attention. I would recommend her to anyone embarking on a self-build project. Dealing with complex regulations and procedures can be daunting and Jayne provides an efficient and cost effective service.  Without her help, my project would have cost more and been much more stressful.

Mr C from Leicestershire received a refund of £22k


I used JM Daniel Business Services Ltd to reclaim the VAT expended on my self-build project. I had been putting off preparation of the claim because I did not relish the job of putting everything in order but Jayne made the process easy. Superb service. I shall certainly use her again on any future self-builds.

Dr W from Norfolk received a refund of £6k


Jayne Daniels was recommended to us by the Project Manager of the build.  Jayne provided us with a thorough and efficient service and gave us good, accurate advice which helped us with our claim.

Mr and Mrs D from West Sussex received a refund of £54k


I would like to recommend the services of Jayne Daniel at J M Daniel Business Services Ltd. As I reached the end of my own self-build project I began to prepare the forms and documents necessary to reclaim the VAT. It quickly became obvious that this had to be done in the correct manner as you only get one chance to apply. This also comes at a time when I was tired after building my own home and was busy with furnishing, unpacking and finishing off the last details. Jayne explained the process in simple terms, completed the forms, sorted out all the invoices into the correct order and sent it all off to the VAT office. She dealt efficiently with any enquiries and made the whole process easy. The payment was made very promptly and it was a pleasure to work with Jayne at all times. I would wholeheartedly recommend the services of Jayne Daniel to all self-builders at the end of their projects.

Mr F from Sheffield received a refund of £14k


I used the services of Jayne Daniel to recover a substantial overpayment of VAT from a building contractor with whom relations were strained.  I found Jayne to be a very skilled negotiator in dealing with the contractor and HMRC and a very satisfactory settlement was agreed within a short time frame. The service I received was excellent and I would not hesitate to engage her again.

Ms L from London received a refund of £34k


We found Jayne through a home building and renovating magazine. She was brilliant – saved us a lot of money.

Jayne helped us to claim back all the VAT on our house build. She was a pleasure to deal with, very thorough and did a super job in helping us claim back everything due to us. We would highly recommend her to anyone – she saved us a lot of worry.

Finally, her services were charged at a rate that was excellent value for money.

Mr and Mrs C from Llanidloes received a refund of £28k


I’m a self builder in Buckinghamshire. ‘Jayne helped us do the accounts for our second self-build project. With a full time job and two small children her services were invaluable as we tried to juggle the million things that needed to be done – she advised us throughout the project and ultimately saved us much more than her fee. She communicated quickly and handled HMRC on our behalf with great patience.

Dr S from Buckinghamshire received a refund of £13k


  • Jayne provided a great value for money and professional service
  • With a six year old, a full time job and limited budget we didn’t have the time to tackle our VAT reclaim, it was essential for the completion of the project to get a prompt refund from HMRC.
  • Prompt processing of invoices means you always know where you are throughout the project.
  • Hassle free – Jayne sorts out queries with supplier invoices or points out to you what is wrong and offers advice to ensure it is correct.
  • Proof of accuracy and attention to detail was in prompt receipt of refund from HMRC with no queries or delays.
  • We never imagined that getting money from HMRC could be so hassle free and quick – evidence of the accuracy and professionalism of Jaynes’ work.

Mr and Mrs M from Gloucesteshire received a refund of £18k


“We worked with Jayne from the start of our self-build project and I couldn’t recommend her services highly enough. This is a complex and confusing area of the build to manage and one where mistakes directly cost you money. Jayne was always on hand and no question was ever too much trouble. The money that Jayne saved us was far in excess of the cost of her services.”

Mr R from Hampshire received a refund of £122k


Jayne Daniel provided us with an excellent service with regards to reclaiming our VAT during the self build of our house between 2010 and 2011.

We had never built a house before so were completely in the dark with regards to rules and regulations.  Whenever there was anything we were not quite sure about we felt we could speak to Jayne.  She was never phased or impatient despite being in the middle of a build herself with all the upheaval that brings, as well as looking after her family.

As I remember we send batches of invoices with the final certificates sent at the end of the build.  This enabled any queries to be dealt with at the time rather than at the end.  Because of this we were able to put in our claim sooner rather than later.

I would thoroughly recommend J M Daniel Business Services Limited to anyone considering building their own house.  The service we received was second to none.

Mr and Mrs A from Suffolk received a refund of £11k


I am delighted to provide a testimonial for JM Daniel Business Services. I used the company to reclaim my VAT following a self build house project in 2005.  Jayne was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the whole process and I have no doubt that her efforts enabled me to fully utilise the VAT reclamation on my project.  The service was prompt and professional and if I undertook another project would have no problem in using the company again.

Mr B from Northants received a refund of £11k


Jayne Daniel provided an excellent, fast and worthwhile service (VAT reclaim on self build). We would have no hesitation in using her again.

Mrs L from Lincolnshire received a refund of £18K


We spent nearly two years undertaking an extensive and costly renovation of a previously derelict property. The fact that we could reclaim much of the VAT element represented a significant saving for us, yet it looked like a slightly daunting proposition. We appointed Jayne having seen her advert in a trade publication and the whole process went very smoothly. Jayne explained what records we needed to provide and managed the claim on our behalf, resulting in a successful rebate. Throughout the process, Jayne was very easy to deal with, kept us informed and provided a great service; we would therefore have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Mr and Mrs J from Cumbria received a refund of £32k in March 2007