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Colwood Homes Images 016If you are fortunate enough to have found a fantastic plot of land or secured the dilapidated property of your dreams, you will have a lot to think about and plan.

You may be eligible to claim a substantial VAT refund from HM Revenue and Customs  on completion of your project. “The VAT refunds for ‘do-it-yourself’ builders and converters scheme” allows the homeowner to benefit in the same way as a property developer does by reclaiming VAT on their main construction or conversion costs.

I offer a professional, friendly and helpful service. Together we can help maximise the VAT refund received upon completion. We can ensure you are charged the correct amount of VAT on your invoices and that all invoices have the correct details, as required by HMRC Office. This will minimise queries and non-eligible items that may slow the repayment process.

  • Testimonials

    Dr S from Buckinghamshire received a refund of £13k in Feb 2012

    I'm a self builder in Buckinghamshire. 'Jayne helped us do the accounts for our second self-build project. With a full time job and two small children her services were invaluable as we tried to juggle the million things that needed to be done - she advised us throughout the project and ultimately saved us much more than her fee. She communicated quickly and handled HMRC on our behalf with great patience. We've just got planning permission for our final self-build and will definitely be using Jayne's service from the outset.'   


  • Testimonials

    Mr and Mrs D from West Sussex received a refund of £54k in Apr 2013

    Jayne Daniels was recommended to us by the Project Manager of the build.  Jayne provided us with a thorough and efficient service and gave us good, accurate advice which helped us with our claim. 

  • Testimonials

    Mr and Mrs M from Gloucesteshire received a refund of £18k in Feb 2012

    Jayne provided a great value for money and professional service With a six year old, a full time job and limited budget we didn’t have the time to tackle our VAT reclaim, it was essential for the completion of the project to get a prompt refund from HMRC.Prompt processing of invoices means you always know where you are throughout the project.Hassle free – Jayne sorts out queries with supplier invoices or points out to you what is wrong and offers advice to ensure it is correct.Proof of accuracy and attention to detail was in prompt receipt of refund from HMRC with no queries or delays.We never imagined that getting money from HMRC could be so hassle free and quick – evidence of the accuracy and professionalism of Jaynes’ work.

  • Testimonials

    Mr R from Hampshire received a refund of £122k in Jan 2012

    “We worked with Jayne from the start of our self-build project and I couldn’t recommend her services highly enough. This is a complex and confusing area of the build to manage and one where mistakes directly cost you money. Jayne was always on hand and no question was ever too much trouble. The money that Jayne saved us was far in excess of the cost of her services.”

  • Testimonials

    Ms L from London received a refund of £34k in Aug 2012

    I used the services of Jayne Daniel to recover a substantial overpayment of VAT from a building contractor with whom relations were strained.  I found Jayne to be a very skilled negotiator in dealing with the contractor and HMRC and a very satisfactory settlement was agreed within a short time frame. The service I received was excellent and I would not hesitate to engage her again.

  • Testimonials

    Mr F from Sheffield received a refund of £14k in Aug 2012

    I would like to recommend the services of Jayne Daniel at the above named business.. As I reached the end of my own self-build project I began to prepare the forms and documents necessary to reclaim the VAT. It quickly became obvious that this had to be done in the correct manner as you only get one chance to apply. This also comes at a time when I was tired after building my own home and was busy with furnishing, unpacking and finishing off the last details. Jayne explained the process in simple terms, completed the forms, sorted out all the invoices into the correct order and sent it all off to the VAT office. She dealt efficiently with any enquiries and made the whole process easy. The payment was made very promptly and it was a pleasure to work with Jayne at all times. I would wholeheartedly recommend the services of Jayne Daniel to all self-builders at the end of their projects.